Hoorah! LinkedIn‘s #DarkMode has finally been fully rolled out in the UK!

If you’re a fan of dark modes, you’ll be glad to know that the desktop version of LinkedIn has finally followed in the footsteps of the Android and iOS apps by enabling the dark mode option for those of us who prefer to work with less glare. There is a phased roll-out of this option, which means if you live in one of the countries not currently supported, you’ll have to be patient like us Brits and wait for your sexy new LinkedIn look.

Activate Linkedin’s dark mode

Open Linked.com in a new tab and the follow these quick and easy steps to activate dark mode.

1. Click on the down arrow under your profile pic in the top menu bar

2. Click on Settings and Privacy

3. Select Account Preferences from the left sidebar

3. Scroll down to the Display menu

4. Select Dark Mode

5. Return to the LinkedIn home screen from your profile pic in the top right

Your eyes can thank me later!