What is a copywriter and why do you need one?

Some of us are great at making things happen. Some of us are inspirational speakers. Some of us are number wizards. Not all of us can write well. And there’s no shame in that. In a business context, that’s why copywriters exist. But what exactly does a copywriter do? After all, it’s not the most…More

Beginning a new journey in translation & content creation

It’s official! Michael Dutton Language Services is now open for business! 🎉 Who are we and how can we help you? Michael Dutton Language Services is a boutique communications agency, specialising in English & Finnish translations and original content creation. We are your authentic voice in the Finnish to English market. We offer assistance with:…More

Hoorah! LinkedIn‘s #DarkMode has finally been fully rolled out in the UK!

Want to enjoy the dark side of LinkedIn? This is how!More