Michael Dutton (he/him) – CEO

Fun fact:
Mike’s favourite Finnish word is ‘katiska’! Can you guess what it means?

Our Managing Director and lead linguist is Michael “Mike” Dutton. Mike is a native English speaker and has lived and worked in the UK and Finland. His working languages are English and Finnish. Mike developed a flair for languages at an early age, but it wasn’t until his university studies in social sciences and cultural studies that he realised language learning and internationalisation were his true calling. Mike’s adventures in language services actually began during his career in various teaching and communications roles in higher education.

Mike translates marketing, academic, and administrative content from Finnish to English. He also provides copywriting, editing, and proofreading services in English. In addition to his vast experience and finely-honed expertise in content creation and education, Mike recently completed a diploma in health studies, with a specialisation in mental health nursing.

Mike is committed to championing accessibility and equality, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI), and together these comprise one of his key content specialisms. 

When he’s not busy making your words truly shine, Mike loves gaming and spending time in nature with his family.

Henna Nykänen (she/her) – Head of Strategy & Communications

Henna Nykänen

Fun fact:
Her favourite English word is ‘shenanigans’! Do you know why?

Henna works on both the operational and content creation sides of MDLS. Henna is a native Finnish speaker and lives in Finland, in Turku on the bank of the river Aura. Drawing on her first-rate experience in Finnish and international communications, she adds further credibility and creativity to the MDLS offering.

In addition to her role at MDLS, Henna works for an IT start-up and provides freelance web design and content services for a range of Finnish companies. She is equally at home in project management and client liaison and account management roles and has previously worked for a major Finnish language services provider.

When she’s not busy helping your message truly shine, Henna loves nothing more than spending time in the gym and yoga studio, where she gets to explore her passion for self-improvement and holistic wellbeing.

Gillian Morris (she/her) – Head of Operations

Gillian Morris

Fun fact:
Gill found out recently that Father Christmas doesn’t live at the North Pole but – do you know where?

Gill has an amazing ability to turn ideas into processes and combines both excellent communication skills with outstanding organisational and operational know-how. Gill is a native English speaker and lives and works in the UK.

After first studying French with proficiency in Spanish at Uni, then an MA in Translation, Gill went on to work as a translation project manager for eight years, before going freelance.  Alongside her work at Michael Dutton Language Services, Gill also works as a translator, localization specialist, vendor manager and community manager.  

When not working, Gill likes going out for long walks in the countryside, skateboarding, and enjoying quality family time.

Why MDLS is the right team for you

In addition to our amazing in-house experts, we work closely with a stellar team of freelance Finnish translators and microenterprises, who are on hand to help ensure we deliver the highest quality communications content, which is both culturally and linguistically accurate and attention-grabbing for all the right reasons.

Why you should work with us:

  • We’re the best at what we do. Why? We’re excellent researchers. We’re stellar writers. We’re captivating communicators. We offer truly authentic multilingual content. In short, our English and Finnish sound and look native because they are native.
  • We’re passionate about working collaboratively with our clients and suppliers alike.
  • We’re not a large agency, which means we’re more flexible, adaptable, and affordable.
  • We love tailoring our services to match your specific requirements and we’re agile enough to adapt to unusual requests on the fly.
  • We have extensive expertise and knowledge of in-demand fields such as equality, inclusivity & diversity (EDI), medicine, health & social care (SOTE), ethical business practices, corporate sustainability & the circular economy.
  • We’re dedicated to helping your brand and message shine by adding value at every step of your communications journey. We want to get to know you and your brand like old friends, and ultimately grow with you.
  • People love working with us and we genuinely love our work!

Contact us!

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